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8 Most Popular Long-Haired Cat Breeds for 2021

Long-haired cat breeds is looking fabulous with its silky, fluffy, and elegant coats. They are pleasant to touch and cuddle with. However, the longer coat a cat has, the more time you need to groom them. Long-haired cat breeds usually require everyday brushing to keep them clean and mat-free.

They are also more prone to cause allergies to certain people as they shed more hair than cats with short hair. Different people will have a certain allergic threshold, so make sure to visit the breeders near you to know which cats are suitable for you. Some long-haired cat breeds do not cause allergies, such as Siberian and Birman, but it depends on individual allergies threshold.

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Look through our best long-haired cat brees list below to know which one of these long-haired cats is perfect for your companion.

Best Long-Haired Cat Breeds

1. Birman Cat Breed

long-haired cat breeds

Cat Size: Medium

Length: 14 – 18 inches

Weight: 10 – 12 pounds

Life Expectancy: 13 – 15 years

Origin: Myanmar

This long-haired cat breeds were considered the sacred cat of temples in Burma (now Myanmar) as the beloved companion of priests. Burma’s people believed them to house the departed priests’ souls. Their kitten is born with a white coat and will slowly develop their color after they grow mature until three years old.

The main features of the Birman Cats are the deep blue eyes and medium-length long-haired coat. The color for these cats usually lights in color, whether brown or grey. The feet are also like wearing white gloves and giving that contract effect with the body coat’s color.

They have become a standard for a great indoor family cat. Their friendly and affectionate personality makes them suitable to live with other pets such as dogs or cat friends. They love to chat with the owner and can be quite vocal when excited.

Even though Birman cats have a long coat, they have no undercoat instead of just a single-length coat, making them easy to groom. Brush them with stainless steel brush every three or four days to prevent mats from forming.

They love their food, so make sure to control the diet strictly. Overweight is a common problem for the Birman cats, so it is recommended never to leave too much food at one time.

2. Himalayan Cat Breed

cat breeds with long hair

Cat Size: Medium to Large

Length: 15 – 19 inches

Weight: 7 – 12 pounds

Life Expectancy: 15 – 17 years

Origin: Crossbreed between Siamese and Persian breed in the United States

“Himmies” is one of the well-known names for the Himalayan cat breed. Himalayan was developed in 1935 to produce a cat with a Persian coat and Siamese’s blue eyes and dark color in the face and ears. The development was successful and created the first original Himalayan cat named Debutante. Cat Fanciers’ Associations does not recognize Himalayan as an actual breed; thus, they combined the Persian and Himalayan as a breed due to the considerable similarity of the body characteristics. While many other organizations still recognized Himalayan as a different breed apart from the Persian breed.

Grooming the Himalayan breed cats will take a lot of effort and time. If you or your family are busy with little attention to the cats, the Himalayan cat might not be suitable. Brushing is needed daily to prevent their coat become tangled and forming mats. It is best to visit professional groomers monthly to make sure the coat is adequately maintained for this long-haired cat breeds.

Himalayan cats are very playful and active. However, they require minimum exercise to keep their body and muscle fit. Please provide them with a variety of cat toys and occasionally take some time to play with them.

They are not picky eater and love to eat. Divide the meals into two portions – morning and evening. If you give them cat treats, remember to decrease the amount of food given to avoid obesity.

3. Persian Cat Breed

long haired cat breed

Cat Size: Medium to Large

Length: 14 – 19 inches

Weight: 7 – 12 pounds

Life Expectancy: 11 – 17 years

Origin: Persian (now Iran)

This long-haired cat breeds are among the purebred cats with elegance, glamorous look, and very calm. They are very friendly, but they prefer to show their affection to those very close to them. Persian cats love to sit on your laps, and cuddling is their way of showing their love to you. Persian breed cats have been one of the most popular cat breeds among people in North America.

The Persian cats’ main features are stubby noses, round heads and ears, and short bodies. They are not as playful as other cats but prefer to lounge around somewhere cozy and warm. They can be very active and energetic for a short period, and then they will get into a long catnap to restore the energy.

For grooming, they are among the cats that require a lot of effort and time to properly groom. Their long coat is quickly forming mats if not brushed daily. It is best to make sure the Persian cats are brushed daily and don’t forget their monthly bath routine. They are considered high maintenance on grooming as they are not self-groom cat breed and depend on the owner to clean them. The litter box also needs to be cleaned daily to make sure the cat coat is not dirty.

4. Turkish Angora

long-haired cat breeds
Turkish Angora (18 months old) in front of a white background

Cat Size: Medium

Length: 15 – 19 inches

Weight: 7 – 11 pounds

Life Expectancy: 12 – 17 years

Origin: Angora (now Ankara, Turkey)

Turkish Angora cats are one of Turkey’s most treasured heritage. They have long, ballerina-like bodies, and graceful, elegant coats make them among the most popular cat breeds in the United States. Turkish Angora cats are playful and energetic as well as very friendly towards kids, adults, and other pets.

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They are flexible in dwelling in a different home, be it an apartment, studio, or landed house and will do well as long as they are loved and giving enough attention to their needs. Turkish Angora cats are highly needy, and they are recommended not to be left alone. If you need to go to work and need to left them for quite some time, it best to get them a friendly cat.

Even with long fur, Turkish Angora is relatively easy to take care of. Their coat is single; thus, they are most likely not to form mats and getting tangled. Weekly brushing will keep Turkish Angora cats beautiful and healthy. Bathing is the favorite activity for them as they love water very much. Shockingly, they are natural swimmers and do not hate water as other cats do. So, bathing is an easy task for you as the Turkish Angora cat’s owner.

5. Maine Coon (Largest Long-Haired Cat Breeds)

long-haired cat breed

Cat Size: Large

Length: 15 – 23 inches

Weight: 10 – 17 pounds

Life Expectancy: 9 – 15 years

Origin: Unclear

Maine Coon breed cats are the third most loved cat breed in the United States, and “gentle giant” is the popular nickname for these cats. They can grow up to 43 inches and one of the largest cat breeds in the world. Their coat is thick and heavy, so they require regular grooming. Maine coon cats are amiable, calm temperament and highly recommended for the family cat.

“Guinness Book of World Records” has repeatedly awarded the longest domestic cat title to Maine Coon breed from 1986 until today. One of the title winners, “Stewie,” has the long of 48.5 in and unfortunately died in 2013.

The Maine Coon cats will take approximately four years to reach their natural full size. They are not recognized as a lap cat; instead prefer to lounge around the house. They are loyal, friendly, playful, and not a fan of climbing. They are not demanding too much attention compared to other cats, and they are happy to play with cat toys on their own. With the mouse hunter’s strong instinct, they are not suitable for you if you have a rodent pet such as a gerbil or hamster.

Despite heavy and thick coat, grooming needs to be done too often and don’t take too much time. Weekly brushing or combing the Maine Coon cats will keep their coat glorious, smooth, and healthy. Please provide them with a right size scratching post and clip their nails three or four weeks apart.

6. Norwegian Forest

Cat Size: Large

Length: 12 – 19 inches

Weight: 13 – 20 pounds

Life Expectancy: 14 – 16 years

Origin: Norway

The Norwegian Forest cat breed nickname is “wegie” and firmly believes to be the Vikings’ companion. They are very much similar in appearance to Maine Coon cats. Norway has taken the Norwegian Cat breed as its official national cat.

Wegies have a beautiful long coat, a triangular head, and almond-shaped eyes. They are large but a bit smaller compared to the Maine Coon cat breed. Male wegies are usually much more extensive than females. Their coat is divided into two sections – outer and inner coat that give them a warming blanket during winter.

Due to the natural forest instinct, they love to climb to get to the higher point of view. It is best to provide wegies with a cat tree to exercise and fulfill their climbing satisfaction. They are also a great mouse hunter and love to play games and chasing lasers. Wedgies are known for their high-energy, and they need some exercise daily to burn off that energy.

Despite the long double coat, they don’t need to be bath except when they smell bad or very dirty. Use a stainless steel comb to brush their coat weekly. During spring and winter, they will shed one cat, and you need to brush them every two days to prevent mats and tangles.

7. Somali (Smallest Long-Haired Cat Breeds)

somali cat long-haired cat breed

Cat Size: Small to Medium

Length: 12 – 15 inches

Weight: 6 – 10 pounds

Life Expectancy: 13 – 19 years

Origin: Somalia

The Somali is close relative to the Abyssinian cat breed and shares some similarities in appearance and long hair. They are gaining a surge in popularity in the United States due to their charming personality and ease of taking care. The Somali is friendly, loyal, brilliant, and very communicative with their owner. The highly intense curiosity makes them excited about everything happening around them. Always active and running around the house suit them for kid’s companion.

The Somali cats are easy to groom and take minimum time to maintain. Their long silky coat is hard to tangle and form mats. Brushing them is not required, but it is best to brush them every two weeks to clean their coat from dust or debris. They don’t need professional grooming services, but they need their nails clipped every two or three weeks. One important task to do for caring for Somali cats is their dental health. This cat breed is prone to have gingivitis dental problems, so make sure to brush their teeth often with cat toothpaste.

The Somali cats are high in energy despite their size, so they need a fair amount of food to keep growing healthy. They love food, so free feeding with a large amount of food is not recommended at all. They are quickly become obese due to overfeeding. Make sure to balance out the food with some daily exercise to keep them fit and active.

8. LaPerm

long-haired cat breeds

Cat Size: Small to Medium

Length: 12 – 18 inches

Weight: 5 – 10 pounds

Life Expectancy: 11 – 15 years

Origin: Oregon, United States

The First LaPerm cat was born in 1982, in The Dalles, Oregon, with a genetic mutation that results in tight curl coat differ from standard cat breeds. They have tight curls around the ears, neck, and tails area. They come in many colors, which are usually in tortoiseshell and ginger.

LaPerm cats are known to be very close to family members and other pets. They are loyal, intelligent, playful, high energy, and less vocal. They are originated from the farm; thus, they love to mouse hunting, running around the house, and play chase with the owner. After a good exercise, they will get some rest time and relax on the floor or sofa.

They are just perfect for the first-time owner as they need less attention, and it takes minimum time for grooming this curly coat cat. They shed less hair, and brushing once a week will do the job. If your LaPerm cats have long hair, make sure to brush them more often to make sure the curls do not get too tight.

Now you know the best long-haired cat breeds, you can visit your local breeders to find you a cat pet.

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