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Best Low Carb Dry Cat Food You Can Buy in 2021

We have identified the best low carb dry cat food products through a careful evaluation of their content, recommendations from veterinarians and customer reviews. If you are looking for the best high-protein, low-carb cat food, this is the place for you. Please read our list of Top 7 Best Low Carb Dry Cat Food for 2021, you’ll get a good idea of which products to choose from.     

The low-protein, low-carb doses of cat food recommended here due to their low carbohydrate content mean better weight control for your cats, especially for lazy cats. Look for sources of high protein in stores for animal products and low-carbohydrate cat food.    

Criteria for Best Low Card Dry Cat Food

  1. Most low-carb cat food on the market advertises grain-free, but that doesn’t mean it’s carbohydrate-free. Natural cat food is made without gluten, soy, corn or wheat, and contains vital vitamins, minerals and high-quality grain-free ingredients, making it the perfect diet for cats with diabetes.
  2. This Cat Food contains chicken and chicken liver purée to provide essential protein for your cat without fuller it with grain fillers.    
  3. This high protein dry food for cats contains 40% protein from fish, chicken or turkeys, listed as the first two ingredients.
  4. This high protein, low carbohydrate cat food contains fish oil for a healthy heart and brain function. Meat is the first ingredient that contains fish oil and helps with heart health and brain function. –
  5. With a high moisture content, it gives your cat the extra water it needs and is nutritious with real tuna as the first ingredient to provide them with the food they need and the flavor they love.    
  6. If your cat is overweight or diabetic, we have low-carbohydrate cat food for your cat friend. It has a high protein count and provides a balanced diet, including vital amino acids such as taurine, and is rich in moisture, keeping your cat slim and hydrated.            
  7. If you find any form of corn, wheat or rice in the ingredient list of low carb cat food, that is a clear sign that your future cat food is not as typical in carbohydrates as advertised. In the name of well-being and health, natural, grain-free wet and canned food is the best, so we always recommend pet parents to look at low-carb cat foods based on the specific needs of your cats.        
  8. Semi-moist low-carb cat food may contain other ingredients such as cereals, soybean meal and cereals.    

7 Best Low Carb Dry Cat Food Reviews

1. Dr Elsey’s Clean Protein Formula Dry Cat Food

best low carb dry cat food

Key Ingredients

Overall Rating4.9/5
Calories per serving cup554 kcal
Other ingredientsFlaxseed, Salmon Oil, Taurine

Driven by the protein levels seen in natural prey, this diet uses basic, high-quality ingredients to improve your cat’s appetite and body mass. The objective is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for all cats by including real deboned chicken meat as the first and main ingredient, along with plenty of vitamins and minerals. The appropriate diet can go a long way in fulfilling your cat’s appetite and keeping him feeling wonderful.

It contains almost 90% of protein is derived from animals, and carbohydrates provide only 4% of the energy in a lower glycemic mix. Grain-free, gluten-free, and filler-free formula is rich in vitamins and minerals such as taurine and omega-3 fatty acids. This dry cat food contains only 6% of carbohydrate making it the lowest carb content we can find in any dry cat food in the market. Lowest content of carb making this brand the best low carb dry cat food.

Review by Timothy Goldstein

Some may consider this food pricey, but I can definitely save money by not purchasing a particular cat food that was neither working nor smelling well. And it was happening a few times a week. I like how tiny the food pellets are, how short the ingredients list is, and how there is no filler in the meal.

Despite being a dry food, it has a low carbohydrate content, a high protein content, and slightly more moisture than practically all other dry foods. Plus, because these small pellets are so nutrient-dense, I’m feeding my cat even less now. The only disadvantage is that it took me a long time before I know this brand exists. They need to improve their marketing strategy!

Review by Ruby Mattews

You should know about cat food because cats are naturally carnivores, meaning they eat almost exclusively meat. Peas, beans,  brown rice, corn, lentils, peas, blueberries, and potatoes are not natural foods for cats. Unless you’re giving them those stuff in your cat food, I’ve never heard of one. They consume protein, water, and fat from smaller animals, birds, and whatever else they can catch.

  1. If you look at the components, you’ll notice that they’re getting good animal protein, aside from the extra nutritional supplements. There are no carbs or fillers in this dish. Almost 80% of the protein comes from animals.
  2. This meal is a big hit with my cat. She hasn’t changed her mind since I started feeding her over a year ago. Looking at the price per pound, I understand that this meal is a bit pricey, but it isn’t that costly considering the amount and protein-packed kibbles. She weighs around 12 pounds (moderately big kitty). I feed her 3/8 cup every day, which implies that one 6.6 lb. bag will sustain her for about eight weeks and cost around $0.75 per day. That is something I believe I can afford. I only feed her once a day, in the morning.

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She is pretty self-controlling, and she nibbles on it first thing in the morning before finishing it before lights-out. I’ve kept track of her water intake, which is typical that she pees in large amounts many times a day, indicating that she’s flushing her kidneys. She is in good health, has a beautiful coat, and is bright-eyed and energetic. Her weight is ideal for her size, with a slim waist and a flat stomach.

One word of caution: if you’re feeding your cat previously from a high-carb diet, you’ll need to convert your cat gradually. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a stinking stool disaster. It took me three to four weeks to overcome the phase. This dish has over 70% protein and almost little carbohydrates. If you compared it to other brands, most of them have a 30-35 percent protein content and a carb content of around the same.

2. Tiki Cat Born Carnivore Baked Dry Cat Food

low carb cat food

Key Ingredients

Overall Rating4.8/5
Calories per serving cup554 kcal
Other ingredientsFlaxseed, Salmon Oil, Taurine

Tiki Cat Born Carnivore Chicken & Herring Dry Cat Food is a crispy, baked kibble for cats made with animal meat and fish for a high-protein and low-carb diet. It’s high in protein, with 80 percent coming from real animal meat, and nutritionally similar to the cat’s regular prey diet. All of the ingredients are non-GMO. Tiki Cat Born Carnivore is a crunchy, lightly processed baked kibble that provides cats with everything they need to thrive as natural hunters.

The company used AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for All Lifestages to create this recipe. Meat, not vegetation, is required for cats. Cats are genetically carnivores, meaning they must eat meat and cannot digest vegetation. Tiki Cat Born Carnivore is a high-protein food that closely resembles a cat’s natural diet. It’s the food you can feel good about because it is made with authentic, non-GMO ingredients. There are no animal by-products. There is no maize, wheat, soy or artificial tastes or colors in this recipe.

Review by Dawn Alexander

Finding a healthy diet that all three of my cats would eat can be difficult because they all have different tastes. All of them quickly consume this dry food. Because the bits are small, they are readily chewed and swallowed by my senior cat.

I regularly consult CatFoodDB to see how foods are graded in terms of ingredients and nutrients. This one gets five paws out of five for ingredients and four paws out of five for nutrients, for a total of nine paws out of ten. I aim to feed my cats both wet and dry meals with a paw rating of 8-10.

Protein sources make up the first five components on the list. I get the largest bag since it offers the best value. I divide it into gallon zip-top bags and freeze it when it arrives. Then I can just take one bag at a time and place it in their food storage bin.

It freezes nicely and does not affect the flavour or consistency. I can’t confirm the flavour, but my cats don’t even seem to mind. I think freezing will keep it fresher for longer, and it doesn’t contain many preservatives because it’s a good meal.

Review by Kelley Smith

My cat loves this cat food! After feeding him another cat food brand for two years and seeing that the ingredients weren’t all that fantastic, so I did some research to replace his food. I want to feed him the best I can, which has shown to be a great alternative. It has to be dry because he doesn’t like wet food. Although it has a strong odor for dry food, I don’t dislike it and consider it an indication of quality.

Anyhow, it lasts a long time, and at $15 per month, I have no complaints, significantly since obtaining something of lesser quality cat food at the local pet store would cost about $10 a month anyway.

3. Nulo Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

grain free low card dry cat food

Key Ingredients

Overall Rating4.7/5
Calories per serving cup421 kcal
Other ingredientsFlaxseed, Sweet Potato, Cranberry

There are no maize, wheat, soy, white potatoes, tapioca, artificial colours, flavourings, or preservatives in this grain-free recipe.

Low carb and highly natural meat formula are combined to produce more amino acids and a better flavour. Eighty-three percent of the protein is derived from animals. Low glycemic foods, including lentils, sweet potato, and chickpeas, are also used in Nulo FreeStyle making it among the best low carb dry cat food you can find in the market.

The patented BC30 PROBIOTIC helps to maintain healthy gut flora. These lactic-acid producing bacteria, also known as Bacillus Coagulans, promote better digestion, metabolism regulation, and appropriate immunological response.

It also helps with weight loss by lowering carbohydrate consumption. Your cat’s youthful energy is preserved, and she is less prone to kidney problems, respiratory infections, and osteoarthritis.

The small kibbles come in the shape of discs, with a flavor and texture that appeals to cats’ picky palates. Chewing these kibbles helps to polish your cat’s teeth, preventing plaque and tartar buildup.

Review by Don Schaefer

I’m having trouble getting my cat’s dry food delivered in town, so I went online to look for it. After further investigation, I discovered that the food I thought was perfect for her was just okay. So I spent days researching what would be ideal for my cats and came across Nulo.

I’m delighted with what I’ve read about this cat food on various websites. It has a five-star rating everywhere I look, and it appears to contain all of the nutrients my cat requires. But the most important is whether or not my cat will eat the food. At first, she was reluctant to try the new food, but she eventually gave in and tried it.

She’s completely enamored with it now. When she realizes I’m about to fill her bowl, she meows hysterically. I even witnessed her attempting to open the bag! So she doesn’t destroy the bag; I now keep it in a cabinet. This cat food has exceeded my expectations. She adores it, and her fur is gorgeous. I’ve also noticed that she’s pooping less frequently and with less odor. That’s a massive plus because her litter box is in my bedroom.

In the morning, I give her Merrick Purrfect Bistro Gourmet Shreds as a treat. She enjoys both the Turkey and Chicken flavors. Then I feed her the Nulo Indoor in the green bag at night. With this meal schedule, she appears to be a pleased cat, and her weight seems to be in good shape.

Review by Federico Euler

For over a year, I’ve been giving Nulo to my cat. I spent months looking for the best high-quality and low carb dry cat food, and Nulo came out on top in the evaluations. She seems to enjoy the flavour and aroma of this cat food, and it appears to be helping her maintain a healthy weight.

I do endorse this cuisine, but I also advocate conducting your homework on the internet. I want to find a better element in cat food around the same price as Nulo in the future, as most of the best ingredient cat feeds are pretty pricey. Nulo is reasonably priced, given the quantity and quality of the ingredients.

4. Purina Pro Plan Grain Free, High Protein and Natural

Key Ingredients

Overall Rating4.5/5
Calories per serving cup397 kcal
Other ingredientsCassava, Canola, Pea

The next best low carb dry cat food includes various forms of high-quality natural protein, including fresh salmon as the first ingredient, and is prepared without corn, wheat, or soy. This highly packed protein and grain-free cat food mix contains antioxidants to enhance immune system health and promotes proper nutritional absorption.

This dry cat food provides adult cats with 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition, allowing them to grow and be their best selves. Allow her to enjoy the fantastic taste included in every bite of this all-natural cat food formulation, which provides her with a nutritious, natural meal as well as essential nutrients.

Review by Joseph Ballard

Based on their veterinarian’s recommendation, I’ve been feeding this brand to both short-hair and long-hair cats. We gradually switched our cat’s food to this, and he is ecstatic. I believe the cat considers this to be more of a treat than regular food. They like the tiny shapes because they can eat them easily. They also like how crunchy the kibbles are because it scrapes their teeth.

My point is that if this cat food what my vet feeds his cat, I’d like to give it a shot. It’s been roughly seven months, and the smallest cat recently visited the veterinarian. Although they usually are “free feed,” she is in excellent form and has not gained weight. Other advantages I’ve found include fewer hairballs, less odorous excrement, and, best of all, they both prefer to eat it. 

Review by Helen Singletary

I tested it on my elder cats, one of whom is over 16 years old, and the other is 13 years old, and both of whom were vomiting every day. This formula was successful for both of my cats! My most senior cat will consume the meal voluntarily, and none of them is vomiting.

I tried Purina Pro Plan, Science Diet, and Royal Canin sensitive stomach formula diets, but the vomiting problem persisted, and the older cat does not like to eat most of those brands. I hope my review is helpful to other cats parent who frequently vomits and despises the specially prepared food for delicate digestion.

5. Instinct Grain-Free Original

Instinct Grain Free Dry Cat Food

Key Ingredients

Overall Rating4.5/5
Calories per serving cup505 kcal
Other ingredientsCassava, Canola, Pea

It contains 81 percent actual animal products and healthy oils and 19 percent veggies, fruits, and other nutritious nutrients. The first ingredient is cage-free chicken acquired responsibly. It is high-protein cat food with probiotics to aid digestion and omegas to promote healthy skin and coat. Corn, potato, grain, wheat, soy, by-product poultry meals, artificial colors, or preservatives are not used in this recipe.

This grain-free and low carb dry cat food is suitable for all cat breeds, including indoor cats and kittens. Freeze-dried raw is coating each kibble for excellent taste; even finicky cats will like this cat food. It is created with raw and natural ingredients and prepared from real meat, low carb and high in protein.

Review by Marie McGowan

My kitties had a situation where they were constantly spitting up their food for an extended period. We tried every expensive special diet or sensitive stomach meal under the sun, but nothing worked. I’m so glad I didn’t give up and tried this kind since it worked perfectly. My cats stopped vomiting up the next day after switching to this diet.

I’ve been feeding this cat food to my cats for over a year now. They haven’t thrown up once since making the switch. Other grain-free cat foods use various artificial and low-quality ingredients that aren’t suitable for cats and often cause their own dietary or stomach issues.

Although this dry cat food is more expensive, the price difference is well worth it! I realize that my cats are fuller with less food; thus, I don’t go through a bag as rapidly as I would with other brands because it is produced with higher quality ingredients. One 11-pound bag of this can last about a month because I have two medium-sized cats.

Review by Nathan Hanley

This brand of dry cat food and wet food is given to my younger cat once a day. He is a picky eater, but he enjoys this cat food, and my cat is healthy and energetic with gorgeous fur. The first four ingredients are meat or meat meal, the diet has a high natural protein and low carbohydrate content, and 81 percent of the food is meat-based, which is ideal given that cats are carnivores.

Cats now require both wet and dry food, and if they do not drink water on their own, as my other cat does, they will do fine on just wet food. If you’re giving them dry food, I believe this is one of the top brands, and the animal shelter where I volunteer feeds their cats the same diet. And because Amazon has a 20% off subscription, it cost only $8 off each 11-pound bag, which is the most incredible value I could find online and the lowest price for this high-quality cat food.

6. ACANA Cat, Protein-Rich, Real Meat Premium

acana high protein

Key Ingredients

Overall Rating4.5/5
Calories per serving cup439 kcal
Other ingredientsCatfish meal, pinto beans, red lentils

Fresh meat of raw duck, cage-free eggs, chicken, and quail are the first three components in each portion of ACANA Grasslands formula cat food, which is painstakingly produced from start to end in their company award-winning Kitchen. These high-protein foods are combined with essential vitamins and minerals such as taurine, omega-3, omega-6, and various fruits and vegetables to create a well-balanced meal. Refrigeration is the only preservation method for our fresh ingredients. Their food material is frozen correctly to ensure freshness and the highest quality in every bag of ACANA Cat Food.

Review by Robert Tolson

I’m generally picky about the food I give my kitties. I understand that you can’t skimp on what you give them since their health is so vital. My cat was regularly vomiting, which I assumed was due to her eating too quickly. I was miserable serving her small quantities and having to keep an eye on her while she ate to make sure she didn’t puke.

I switched to this food after chatting with one of my colleagues about my problems (thank goodness she recommended Acana) and understanding that Hill’s Science diet isn’t that suitable for my cats. Before this, I feed my cat with Hill’s Science brand, and she was throwing up daily. My cat hasn’t vomited regularly since then, and I’ve never regretted switching to this food. All ingredients are easy to read on the bag’s backside. It’s a little costly, but well worth it!

Review by Jose Blanton

I’ve been feeding Acana cat food to our two cats for about a month, and our 12-year-old cat is acting like she was five. More alert, less greasy fur, and more energy. I used to dismiss reviews that claimed what I just mentioned was over-hyped, but you indeed eat better, look better, and feel better, just like with humans.

This is by far the best dry cat food we have ever tried, and both of our cats adore it. It’s always been challenging to pinpoint a cat food that they both enjoy equally.

We mixed it with their previous cat food initially, but they didn’t eat it and instead left it in the bowl. Because the Acana cat food has a very long expiration date, don’t be scared to save money by purchasing the 12lb bag. We keep any leftovers in airtight Tupperware containers to keep them fresh.

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