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Best Cat Food for Constipation 2021

best cat food for constipation

If you’re unsure which best cat food for constipation to start, try one of the best fiber-rich cat food or dry food options we’ve tested. If you already use dry food, your cat may benefit from switching to canned cat food. On the other hand, if your kitten is already addicted to dry food, it may require some ingenuity to change to canned or wet cat food.

Insufficient body hydration is the most common cause of constipation in cats. Therefore constipated cats that eat dry food should start to switch to food with higher humidity.    

Dry food is not the only option if you are looking for a way to soothe your cat’s stomach. The following cat food is rich in water, promotes water retention in stool and targets some of the most common causes of constipation. They are designed to be dry cat food, which has a gentle effect on the gastrointestinal system of cats to keep their stomach healthy and happy. 

Criteria for The Best Cat Food for Constipation  

  1. Constipate cats need high fiber that supports proper digestion and protects your cat from constipation and bally hair. With an incredible 7% dry fibre content, this is one of the best foods to constipate your cat and get used to dry food.
  2. Good cat food contains various combinations of fiber to eliminate hairballs and protect your cat from constipation.    
  3. This food contains more vegetable substances than other canned foods, is a good choice for daily feeding, and includes several additives that benefit constipated cats.
  4. This food is highlighted as grain-free and contains a variety of ingredients that will benefit your constipated cat. 
  5. As you know, the best cat food against constipation is rich in moisture and fiber, made with healthy, natural ingredients that ensure a complete and balanced diet.
  6. It promotes healthy stool consistency and supports the digestive system. But, it is more than just a tube running from mouth to anus; it is a complex system, like a municipal wastewater treatment plant. 
  7. Numerous vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, folic acid, magnesium and the essential minerals relieve constipated cats.

If your little guy has trouble going to the toilet, there are some excellent food options for constipated cats. There are many ways to alleviate this suffering, and finding the best food for constipation is one of them. Today we will look at the best cat food for constipation and break down our options to find out what is best for your specific situation.   

3 Best Dry Cat Food for Constipation

1. Purina Pro Plan Cat Food for Sensitive Skin & Stomach

best cat food for constipation

Key Features

Calories per serving cup302 kcal
Main ingredientsLamb, Chicken, Fish Meal

Every component in this dry cat food was carefully chosen for a sensitive stomach and help indigestion. The high-protein cat food mix begins with natural lamb as the first component and is completed with very digestible oatmeal and rice that are pleasant on your cat’s stomach. In addition, each serving consists of high  Vitamin A and omega-6 fatty acids to enhance her skin and coat, as well as guaranteed live probiotics to help her digestive and immunological health.

Review by Richard Zapien

I have a two-year-old mutt with the fussiest stomach you’ve ever seen — he’s had sporadic bouts of constipation, diarrhea and excess gas since he was a kitten. I had to move in with my friend temporarily, who had two other cats throughout the summer. To cut a long tale short, he fed his cats a cat food that my cat adored even though it gave him severe constipation. Even worst, my cat still had a stomach problem after moving out, and he had a problem pooping for over a month. I consulted with my local vets on what to feed my cat. 

My cat ended up with very little energy and was constantly dehydrated. My poor little guy, traumatized by his continual illness, started defecating outside the potty box, making things worse. Then, my vet and I tried a slew of various things (probiotics, different foods, pumpkin, etc. ), but the problem cured itself after a week of gradually transitioning my kitty to this cat food. Finally, he began to have regular, solid bowel movements.

He no longer had gas or bloating, and his excrement began to smell better and looked normal in color. He’s also resumed his clean litter box habits with no accidents, and he appears to be regaining energy. He is starting to play again with his toys rather than remaining in his bed all day. Not to add that he adores it—I keep catching him trying to unzip the bag with his paw in my closet. If you own a cat who is a high chance of constipation, I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Review by Marion Martinez

I bought this special for sensitive stomach cat food twice, once online and once at a store (Petco). The product had appeared to be the same each time, with no noticeable differences in my two cats when they switched bags.

One of my cats has IBS and a sensitive stomach, while the other has hyperthyroidism and the associated diarrhea/GI sensitivities. The first cat pooped solidly on it, except a few hives that were most likely linked to the meal. I’m surprised because she’s never had hives on expensive brands like blue buffalo or instinct. She only has solid stool on the low-cost ones, but then she gets packs. So I’m thrilled to have found a cuisine that doesn’t cause her to break out in hives and produces relatively soft solid poo!!

My hyperthyroid cat continues to have loose stools, but no more explosive diarrhea! While on this meal, she also took hyperthyroid medication, so maybe they’re collaborating to get her GI to calm down!

Overall, I’m delighted with my cats’ reactions! It’s challenging to find a reasonably priced food that doesn’t cause my cat to break out in hives and helps with loose stools! However, this works far better for my cats than any Blue Buffalo, Instinct, Flavour of the Wild, or inexpensive brand/variety I’ve tested in the past two years!

2. Iams Proactive Health Sensitive Stomach Adult Cat Food

cat constipation

Key Features

Calories per serving cup352 kcal
Main ingredientsTurkey, Chicken, Beet Pulp

This dry cat food is developed to provide extra support for cats with sensitive stomach and skin. It’s free of soy and wheat, making it gentle on the stomach and. Omega-3 and Omega-6 will help to brighten skin and a lustrous coat. Prebiotics and beet pulp help with nutritional absorption and digestive Prebiotics and beet pulp help with nutritional absorption and digestive.

Flavorful turkey is the first component that aids in support of solid muscle. Healthy and smooth digestion is administered with a unique fiber mixture that includes Prebiotics and beet pulp.

Review by Christi Summers

I have a 12-year-old who could no longer eat Friskies or hard food (Purina Gentle and Purina Naturals) without experiencing constipation. She went for a dental appointment when this started and had no problems, was in excellent condition (did a panel), was active, and still played like a kitten, but she couldn’t eat all her regular diets. She could eat Fancy Feast without feeling sick but not Temptations, Friskies, or Purina hard food.

My second cat couldn’t eat regular hard food, so he consumes Science Diet Sensitive Stomach, which got her sick. I gave her too much food for its first meal when you should do any food change in slow increments.

Her stomach was a little disturbed as a result, but she was alright for the rest of the meal. Her feces are perfectly shaped and typical. Give this a try if you’ve tried the other brands. I’m not sure why each of them can eat certain foods but not others.

Review by Elsie Middleton

I have two cats with stomach disorders and sensitive skin that required a particular mixture. This cuisine has made a massive difference in their lives! Their fur is thick and velvety, and the regions of inflamed skin on their bodies have healed entirely. 

Due to tummy issues, one of my cats used to slumber a lot, but now he is quite energetic and active. It’s lovely to see him looking and feeling a lot better. I’m so grateful that finding the correct cuisine for them was all it required. By the way, we have additional cats who don’t need a particular diet, but they all eat and enjoy this food now. In addition, their fur is notably softer and thicker throughout.

3. Lucy Pet Formulas for Life – Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dry Cat Food

Key Features

Calories per serving cup490 kcal
Main ingredientsSalmon, Chicken, Peas

The PBF Prebiotic Balanced Fiber (TM) in Lucy Pet Salmon, Pumpkin, and Quinoa Grain-Free Formula creates an ideal environment in the digestive tract, leading to healthy gut balance. Dr George C Fahey’s PBF cat food formulation is based on 30 years of study and research.

The first component is deboned salmon from the United States. It includes chicken meal, chickpeas (high in protein and refined carbohydrates like starches and fibers), and tasty pumpkin (a squash family member). Quinoa is a delicious nutritional powerhouse with fiber that aids in good digestion (rich in good protein and high content of amino acids).

Review by Wesley Carr

My Maine Coon cat has been having issues with constipation and frequent vomiting after meals. I’ve tried a variety of high-quality dry and wet foods, as well as very expensive dry and wet foods. While he didn’t vomit as much from the wet meal, he constantly having a hard time pooping.

When I failed to bring the kitties’ food to a cat exhibit, I bought a bag of Lucy’s. He had improved by the end of the three-day exhibition. When I returned to my regular diet, the symptoms reappeared. I bought Lucy’s food, and all of his symptoms went away, and he began to regain the appetite and weight he had lost. In addition, I noticed that the form and scent of my cat’s stools had improved. This food will satisfy even my pickiest eater.

Review by Heather Humphrey

This stuff saved my kitty’s stomach! I have one sphynx cats and one Turkish Angora, one of whom can eat almost anything and the other of whom suffers from constipation. We tried varying the proteins in her meal, limiting the number of ingredients in her diet, and adding pumpkin powder to her meals without success.

She had a very firm stool all of the time. However, her stools are substantially softer after a week of eating this meal. The transformation has been astounding! Her faeces are currently in excellent condition. Her fur is also lustrous and thick. She is also free of skin problems. I’m glad I choose Lucy for my cat.

3 Best Wet Cat Food for Constipation

1. Weruva Cats in The Kitchen Grain-Free Natural Canned Wet Cat Food

Key Features

Calories per serving cup54 kcal/3.2 oz. can
Main ingredientsChicken, Tuna, Pumpkin

It contains all the excellent protein your cat needs for strong muscles, thanks to the top components of pure chicken breast and nutritious pumpkin. In addition, every easy-open can is essentially a balanced meal on its own or as a gourmet kibble topper—because it’s created with a precisely balanced mixture of vitamins, minerals, and heart-healthy taurine.

This supplement contains a balanced mixture of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and taurine for heart and vision health. Finicky cats Picky eaters will like the broth-based consomme, which also delivers necessary hydration to maintain overall health.

Every can contain a completely grain-free, corn syrup free, nutritious and balanced meal with no added carbs, GMOs, or MSG.

Review by Wendy Williams

I have two cats, both of whom are almost three years old. They are picky eaters, and I have a tough time finding things that they will eat. I frequently waste more cat food than they are willing to consume. It’s good to have food that she drinks more than I discard.

They used to eat Merrick, but after receiving their rabies vaccination earlier this year, they had constipation after eating their original Merrick diet for no apparent cause. Then I switched to this food, which they adore! Their appetites improved after converting to Weruva, one of my cats who vomit frequently stopped after converting to this food. It’s just fantastic, and I’m happy I switched!

Review by Josephine Elwell

Thank you very much!!! For creating such a fantastic kitty product. Many of my cats become constipated when they just eat dry food. It’s completely devoid of moisture. I dealt with two out of every four cats who had this issue regularly, so I conducted some research and discovered that this is one of the best-canned feeds available. So I went to my natural pals and loaded up.

This stuff makes my kitties wild, especially the chicken, tuna, and pumpkin. In the morning, I use a can, and at night, I use dry food! Excellent stuff!! Because too much tuna isn’t suitable for cats, I only make the tuna and pumpkin once a week, but I make the chicken one every day.

2. Instinct Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Pate

Key Features

Calories per serving cup54 kcal/3.2 oz. can
Main ingredientsChicken, Tuna, Pumpkin

Instinct Original contains 95% chicken, turkey, and chicken liver and 5% vegetables, fruits, and other healthy components. This is a high-protein cat food made with cage-free chicken obtained responsibly. They don’t use soy, grain, wheat, potato, corn, carrageenan, by-product meals, artificial colors, or preservatives in this cat food, which cause food sensitivities.

This grain-free wet cat food is rich in natural animal protein for healthy, lean muscles because it’s made with real meat and whole food components. In addition, this delicious pate texture is a flavor that even picky cats will enjoy when served as a complete meal or treats.

Review by Leonard Hsu

Fantastic cat food! After my 17-year-old cat stopped eating and having constipation.  This was the first wet cat food she would eat, and one of the great things about this cat food is that my cat doesn’t vomit anymore, which happen regularly, regardless of what she ate. My only problem is that she appears to be drinking a lot more water since eating this food.

The food itself reminds me of canned cat food, which I dislike, but if it keeps her eating, I’ll put up with it as long as she does. In terms of texture, refrigerating it ahead of time appears to aid; it also seems to help with solidity. 

I like that the main element is real chicken and that there are no strange ingredients that are difficult to understand and pronounce. I am happy with the fact that it is grain-free, as grains seem to irritate my cat. I’m delighted I found this cat food brand and that it’s available as a Subscribe and Save item on Amazon.

Review by Lois Jackson

This food is fantastic. Mika Pops, my boy cat, has food allergies that have resulted in constipation. IBS and pancreatitis. His veterinarian recommended switching to a different protein in his diet. Grain-free Rabbit from Instincts was what I needed.

My cat lost a lot of weight since he started eating this cat food twice a day, along with the dry cat food. As a result, he is no longer sick, suffering from IBS, or having constipation. He is now a contented feline. 

There has been minimal variation in the consistency. Since early January 2016, I’ve had my cats on this diet. One advantage is that the diet is so well prepared that they get everything they require and nothing they do not.

This meal is something I would recommend to anyone who has a sensitive cat.

3. Nulo Adult & Kitten Grain-Free

best cat food for constipation

Key Features

Calories per serving cup193 kcal/5.5 oz. can
Main ingredientsTurkey, Chicken, Tuna

Real turkey is the first component in this wet cat food, supported by chicken, turkey liver, and tuna for the rich protein your cat healthy muscle development. Every soft bite will have an appealing texture. The taste of it will increase your cat appetite. While there are no grains, maize, wheat, or artificial ingredients in this tasty pate, it contains superfoods like cranberries, kelp, pumpkin, vitamins, minerals, and healthy omegas and taurine. In addition, the amino acid supports your cat’s general health.

Review by Jennifer Yang

I’ve been giving them Nulo wet foods in 12.5-ounce cans for the past nine months. In my opinion, this is terrific cat foods for the price spent. On the other hand, my four cats are in charge here, and they voted three to one in favor of Nulo over Holistic Select. 

The holistic brand is a fantastic diet; the cats, not me, are the ones who have to consume it. As a result, Their votes are more important than mine! As a result, I’m just feeding them Nulo wet cat food, namely Duck and Tuna and Turkey and Chicken, twice a day.

But every week, on Friday, I replace the Duck and Tuna with canned salmon and mackerel. These Nulo varieties are a hit with all four of my tiny fuzzy babies, and the huge cans make feeding them a higher-quality food more affordable. Any food leftover goes into the refrigerator between feedings and can be kept fresh until three days, but my cats devour it in less than 24 hours! My four indoor cats are all in good health, with no diarrhea, no constipation and no fussy stomach.

Review by Edward Cameron

Dry cat food caused constipation in our cat. Alternatively, I try a low-carb diet for my cat.   I tried this food first, and she recovered 90% of her previous condition. It’s a little pricy, but it’s a lot better than my cat suffering constant constipation.

Nulo was discovered while searching for high-quality pate (the only type my kitty cat eat without a problem) that was free of carrageenan and fillers. I prefer to feed my cat different taste and flavors, and it seemed to enjoy all of them.

I’ve never had it, so I can’t say whether it has a five-star flavor. I can only describe my cat’s reaction when she receives it. Because this is a high-protein meal, you may wish to supplement it with other dry food, depending on your cat’s needs.

Slowly introduce new foods. Apart from the dry food kibble, this is all my cat consumes right now, and she hasn’t had any stomach or digestive concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cause of cat constipation?

Often, the leading cause of constipation in cats is unclear. In these cases, constipation is a rare and challenging emission of hard and dry feces and is referred to as idiopathic constipation.

Hairballs, too little moisture in the cat diet, obesity and low fiber are typical causes of occasional mild constipation.

Constipation can also occur if other diseases leave the cat dehydrated and the hair and fibrous material in the stool make up the stool.

Underlying diseases, such as kidney disease, can cause dehydration and constipation, and treating these conditions by rehydration of the cat with fluid therapy can help. The initial treatment of cat constipation involves administering enemas and the manual extraction of feces by a veterinarian.

What are the symptoms that my cat is constipated?

Constipated cats in some strains may try to empty their stool, which leads to abdominal pain. Small amounts of liquid feces or blood are often mistaken for diarrhoea, but in reality, in some cat strains, only a tiny amount of liquid fecal matter can squeeze through the hard fecal matter.

What are the terrible effects of constipation on my cat?

Constipation can disturb the appetite of the cats and lead to vomiting. Severe constipation can lead to a condition in which the cat cannot expel the stool and needs an enema.

Constipation in cats can cause discomfort and agitation, not to mention health concerns. Constipation may sound harmless enough for a cat, but it can lead to illness and even the end of life.

What to differentiate between constipation and urinary blockage?

It is essential to distinguish between constipated cats and cats with a urinary blockage. Signs of constipation in cats are dry stools at the end of the litter box, discomfort when trying to pass the stool, and your cat leaves the box without finishing. In addition to the load on the box, constipated cats can experience vomiting, loss of appetite and depression.

What is the chronic disease that can cause constipation for the cat?

Chronic diseases that can lead to constipation in cats include kidney disease, diabetes and hyperthyroidism. In addition, if a cat keeps its stool longer than usual, constipation occurs because the intestine absorbs too much water, and the stool sits in the intestine for too long. Rupture can affect anal sacs and cause your cat pain when defecating as a result of constipation.

What are other causes for a constipated cat?

A contaminated litter box can cause a cat to refuse to defecate regularly, causing the large intestine to expand. Cats that are constipated can develop mega colon, a severe condition in which the diameter of the colon grows, and the tissue loses its ability to move contents. In addition to constipation, cats can develop enlarged and infected anal glands, making it difficult for the feces to pass through the anus.

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