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5 Best Cat Breeds for Kids

Criteria for The Best Cat Breeds for Kids

This article will help you to choose the best cat breeds for kids and also your family. Kids are full of energy and very active, so if you are looking to adopt a cat for your kids and family, you need to consider for crucial aspects before you make your choice.

The four elements are cat personality, cat size, house environment, and cat’s energy level.

Cat Personality: Most kids like to carry around the cat and playing with it whenever they feel like it. Some cat breeds don’t want to be carried around and prefer to lounge alone somewhere hidden around the house. So, to choose a suitable cat breeds for kids, you should choose a cat that is easygoing, friendly, and good temperaments. The cat that loves playing with the kids will develop a stronger bond and become a good companion for a long time.

Cat Size: Cats come in a different size, some cat breeds are tiny, and some are very big. Consider your kid’s age before you select the cat breed you want for your kids. If your kids are still young, it is recommended to choose a smaller cat breed. Large cat breeds can be enormous, and they might knock down your kids unintentionally. For older kids, medium or large cat breeds is okay as your kids can learn to take care of the cats.

House Environment: Space around your house is essential for certain cats. If you are living in a studio or apartment, you will have less space for the cats. Some cats need to play outdoor, and some cats prefer to be indoors all the time. It is better for those living in a house with a big yard to adopt an active cat and like to play outdoors. That way, your kids can play together with the cats rather than stay indoors.

Cat Energy: As we have mentioned above, kids are packed with energy, so to match that energy and active lifestyle, it is recommended to adopt a cat that is active and playful. Cats that naturally active need to burn the energy by playing; if not, it can negatively affect their mental and physical health.

Adopting the Cat

It is best to look at the cat breed you prefer at your nearest cat shelter. Usually, all the cat shelter will have the available breeds that are suitable for you kids.

The best way to adopt a cat is to bring along your kids. Let them meet and greet each other in a very calm situation so that they can feel the chemistry. As a parent, you need to observe how your kids and the cats react to each other.

The right candidate for adopted cats is pleasant and friendly with kids and other humans. They are interested in interacting with humans and trying their best to attract human attention. Your kids need to be comfortable with the cats, and the cats are willing to be held and spend some time together.

Top 5 Best Cat Breeds for Kids

Number 5: Burmese

best cat breeds for kids

Size: Medium

Weight: 6 – 13 pounds

Length: 15-18 inches

Origin: Burma

The trademark features of Burmese are the shining golden eye and dark brown coat. They are known as loyal cats, very friendly with kids, and prefer always to be human companions. Highly energetic and always active make them a preferred breeds in the United States. Nowadays, they come not only in the dark brown, greyish-pink lilac to soft gradient chocolate and even the combination of colors. The variety of colors make them even more popular at this time.

Personality of Burmese Cats

The Burmese cat is one of the most people-oriented cats where they love to be around humans, especially kids, due to their playful nature. This cat is perfect for kids at any age as the cats like to get carried around and play outdoor or indoor. They love to lounge on the lap, follow your kids around the house and even love to sleep with their human companion.

However, they can be stubborn, and it is tough to follow instructions. But Burmese cats are brilliant, so you need to train them from an early age so they can follow the rules with discipline.

Burmese Cats Diet and Nutrition

Despite their medium-sized body, they are a big eater because they are a very active cat. They also can be picky eater if the food is not to their liking. The best way to find the best food cat for Burmese cats is to try various brands until you found the favorite food that they like. They are very active and require high-calorie and high-quality cat food. It is recommended to feed them twice a day and not more than two cups of cat food.

Burmese Cats Grooming

The shiny sable brown coat needs to be regularly maintained to make sure they are clean. Weekly grooming with a rubber brush is recommended to spread the skin oil for healthy skin and coat. If your cats love playing outdoors, make sure to bathe them regularly and clean their ear thoroughly. It would help if you clipped cat nails at least six to seven weeks apart.

Number 4: Manx

best cat breeds for kids

Size: Medium

Weight: 8-12 pounds

Length: 13-16 inches

Origin: Isle of Man

The main feature of the Manx cats are they have almost no tail. They are medium-sized cats but on the heavy side. Some Manx cats have cute, short tails, and some are born with long tails. The Manx cat breed is differentiated into shorthair known as Manx and longhair known as Cymric. You can also observe that the Manx cats’ behind legs are longer than the front legs making the back upward looking like a bunny.

Personality of Manx Cats

They are sure to jump to a high corner with longer behind legs to find something they are interested in. They are very gentle with humans and like to play indoor and outdoor. Also, they prefer to be with humans and will likely form a strong bond with their loved companions. Thus, when leaving alone in the house without a companion might result in destructive behaviors.

They are usually very quiet cats and do not make much noise compared to other cat breeds.

Manx Cats Diet and Nutrition

Manx breed cats are like other cats that require balanced cat food containing protein, minerals, vitamins, fats, and carbohydrates. Any dry or wet commercially-manufactured cat foot will be good enough for Manx cats to grow optimally. It is recommended to select cat food containing fish oils or omega 3 for a healthier coat, fiber to prevent digestive issues, and taurine for eye improvements.

They should also not drink cow’s milk as it will cause digestion problems due to lactose building in the intestines. Formula milk that is formulated for the cat is the best option you can give to your cat.

Manx Cats Grooming

Depending on the Manx’s coat, if the coat is short, you can brush it every week, or if the coat is long, you need to brush them every day. It is best to clip your cat’s nails every three or four weeks. Also, you are recommended to brush their teeth daily.

Manx breed cats do not need to bathe regularly as they can keep themselves clean. Bathe them if they are dirty after playing outdoor, got some mud on the coat, or smell spoiled.

Number 3: Ragdoll

Image by Kadisha from Pixabay

Size: Large

Weight: 15-20 pounds

Length: 11-14 inches

Origin: California

Ragdoll cats are one of the largest in size compared to other cats. The trademark features of ragdoll cats are the blue eyes and silky medium-length coat. The breed was registered by Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) in 1993, and until today, it is rated as the fifth most preferred domestic cats in the United States. They are big softies that like to socialize and cuddling with people, especially kids.

Personality of Ragdoll Cats

The Ragdoll cats are like kids’ ragdoll; they are happy, relaxed, and love to be cuddled by people. They are popular with a loving personality and very quiet. If you are looking for a very active cat for your kids, they are not suitable as they just lay back. But if you like this cat breed, you need to adopt the kitten or young adults of Ragdoll, as they are more active than adult Ragdoll cat.

Ragdolls are well known for their patience and tolerant attitudes, especially with kids. They are happy to pose as a doll while kids dressed them in beautiful doll clothes and no problem carrying them around.

Ragdoll Cats Diet and Nutrition

Ragdoll cats are mostly not very active, so you need to control the cat’s diet to prevent obesity. Joint and bone issues are common among ragdoll cats because of their large size. So, select cat food containing a high percentage of calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus, and omega 3 to protect the joints. They can very large, thus putting more stress on the joints, so it is best to control the weight and size at an optimal rate by regulating the diet.

Grooming Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll cats coat is very soft, thick, and lovely to touch. Mats rarely happen to Ragdoll cats, but it can happen if the coat is not properly groomed. Gently brushed them two or three times a week to make sure not mat is formed and eliminate any shed fur.

They do not require a regular bath, so if your cat is dirty or smelly, then only you should bathe them. Make sure to use a shampoo that is formulated for cats to prevent dry skins.

Number 2: Abyssinian

Image by Dmitry Tsapenko from Pixabay

Size: Medium

Weight: 8-12 pounds

Length: 12-16 inches

Origin: Ethiopia

Abyssinian cats are trendy among kids due to their nature of the playful and active lifestyle. They are usually called “Aby” and their main features are the elongate body, compact muscles, and coat range from short to medium. They especially love to climb something tall like your wardrobe. It is best to provide them a proper cat tree for climbing.

They are very flexible in terms of space availability. They can be accustomed to living in an apartment with space constraints or living in a house with a big yard. The priority is to provide enough vertical space rather than horizontal floor space. That is why you should equip your home with a tall cat tree if you have space constraints for living in an apartment.

Personality of Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinian cats love to play toys and games with the kids and family. However, it is best to provide your Abyssinian cat with a friendly cat. They will not make a good living alone or left alone, so having a companion will help them socialize and play together.

They are very affectionate, intelligent, and friendly with people and other cats. Also, they are very attentive and high curiosity about what is happening around them. Due to the high energy, they are not a lap cats, but they will occasionally find their owner to cuddle and pet.

Playing games and toys is their favorite daily activity. It is nice to have kids running around with them and explore each home corner. They love to be surrounded by people and other cats but avoid significant cat populations as they craved attention.

Abyssinian Cats Diet and Nutrition

Commercial-manufactured high-quality cat food is going to be suitable for your Abyssinian cats. You need to test several cat food brands until you can select the best for them. Some cats have sensitive stomachs and allergies, so you need to monitor them closely after you fed them. Fed them little by little to minimize the harmful effect if they are allergic to a particular food

Divide the daily meals into two portions – morning and evening.

Abyssinian Cats Grooming

Grooming Abyssinian cats are very minimal because they have a short and fine coats. You can brush them once in one or two weeks to remove any dust or debris after climbing or playing outside.

Bath is not required unless they become very dirty or smelly. Brush their teeth once a while to prevent dental problems. Also, regularly clean the ears inside and outside with a cotton cloth.

Number 1: American Shorthair (Our Pick for Best Cat Breeds for Kids)

best cat breeds for kids

Size: Medium

Weight: 6-15 pounds

Length: 12-15 inches

Origin: Europe

American Shorthair cats are the proud United States native breed with shorthair. They are the most flexible cats to live in any household – family with kids, a single person living in an apartment, senior citizen, or family with dogs. This is the perfect cat breed you can adopt for your kids.

They tend to be playful, but they can be very independent, so they don’t require special attention all the time. The American Shorthair cats’ main feature is the round and flat face and thick fur with more than 70 patterns and color variation.

Personality of American Shorthair Cats

They are well known to be very calm and friendly with kids. They tend to be playful and busy hunting any insects that got into your home. Also, they are not only intelligent, but they also love to be petted by their owner.

Kids love to carry them around the house, but they have no problem with that. Easygoing and curious keep them busy all day, watching the birds and people walking from the window.

If you need to leave them alone for work or school, provide them with toys to keep occupied. They are happy to play without feeling anxious. It is nice to give them a cat or dog companion as they love to socialize and play with other pets.

American Shorthair Cats Diet and Nutrition

American Shorthair cats have strong muscles, and they need strict monitoring on a diet to ensure they do not get obese. They quickly get overweight and prone to get severe heart disease. A highly balanced diet can do well for American Shorthair cats but match the food amount with your cats’ activity. If your cats are very active, you might want to give extra food and vice versa.

American Shorthair Cats Grooming

Weekly brushing is required for the cats as the coat is short but thick. During winter, the coat will become thicker, and they need more frequent brushing to prevent mats from forming. Brushing is also an excellent way to distribute the skin oils evenly to ensure your cat’s healthy skin and coat.

Brush their teeth to prevent dental problems, and you should trim cat’s nails weekly. Clean the eyes and ears with a clean damp cloth every month. It is recommended to check for any infections or inflammations regularly.

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